Listing 5

I think there was a ghost that lived in the house. I never would have thought I’d believe in ghosts, but sometimes things would happen that just didn’t make much sense. Like sometimes I would smell a flowery perfume smell, even though Betsy never wore perfume that smelled like that. I’d heard that sometimes ghosts communicate by smells, and I thought it was just something people said until I started smelling these smells that came outta nowhere. Other times things would go missing and then they’d reappear in the place you swore you’d already looked for them. But who knows, maybe you just didn’t see them the first time. It did seem to happen a lot. Just made you feel a little crazy. And then there was the time the back door opened on its own. It wasn’t a windy day or anything. I guess it hadn’t been locked, which was strange, but I was just sitting there at the kitchen table, and slowly – creeeeeaakk – it opened right on up like someone had decided to take a look out back and was just standing in the doorway. For some reason it didn’t really freak me out as much as just seemed strange. I got up and closed it and said out loud, “Please keep the door shut.”


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