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The night we found out about the job, we had a party. We wanted to toast the good luck that had got us to that place in our lives where we could turn the corner and say goodbye to all that stuff that had been holding us down for so long. We called around to see who wanted to come over and celebrate. Everyone just brought whatever they had on hand and by coincidence, it ended up sort of having a Mexican theme with tacos and margaritas and even a pork shoulder Jackie had already had roasting on her grill. We were so happy. The type of happy that is so large, so rare, you were thankful for it as it was happening. Sometimes you only realize how happy you were after the fact, when times are tough and you’re looking to the past for comfort. But we knew it right then, right there. And having everyone around – it seemed like everyone had just been itching to have a party and relieved that someone actually had a reason to throw one. We stayed up late, sitting in the back, telling stories to each other about times when we were young and stupid and always had a good time.


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